Do you still remember the proper table manners they taught you in school? If can’t seem to remember, let us give you the essentials, so you won’t cause other people to raise their eyebrow at you when dining out. It doesn’t matter what car you drive, or if you a renting a bike in Amsterdam, it’s your manners that will make you acceptable and descent. So, let’s do a short review to get you to fine-dining-worthy in no time.

Wait for Everyone to Start Eating

If your company hosted a private, classy dinner, and you will be joining big bosses in the table, then you should wait for everyone to eat. Don’t pick food nor secretly try, because it will make you look like a desperate man. Always check your posture and be part of the conversation. We know that those chef cooked meals are so irresistible, but you’ll get your hands on them once everyone starts to eat. It just takes a little discipline and composure.

Utensils Etiquette

Are you confused with the number of utensils that are laying at the side of your plate? The easiest way to get your head around it uses the “outside-in rule. Fine dining has their courses set up according to schedule. It’s like a music piece. There’s an intro, chorus, and ending. The utensils are set up in order. You don’t have to have a I Amsterdam card to learn these stuff. All you have to do is to use the outside utensil and work your way in as the servers bring the food.


Finish The Food In Your Mouth Before Drinking

What have you noticed about the people eating in fine dining restaurants? Why do they look so classy just like Madame Tussaud? It is their etiquette. They finish their food thoroughly before drinking any refreshments. This is an important etiquette because the food served in fine dining is meant to be tasted and enjoyed until the last chew. If you’ll mix the beverage along with the solid food in your mouth, you’ll not fully enjoy the taste. So, just relax and savour every flavour that comes into your mouth.