spicesLet’s cheers to the most expensive ingredients you’ll ever put into your mouth. Many will argue about what makes a great dish, whether what matter is the ingredients used or the way of cooking. But for a chef, what makes a great dish is both the ingredients and the skillful hands that make all things compliment each other.


Saffron is a rare spice that gives extra taste to your food. It can bring a unique taste to a meat, vegetables, and seafood. Chef loves to play with it. If you happen to visit a fine dining restaurant in Amsterdam city pass, look at the menu and check out saffron. If you haven’t tasted one, it’s that you try it. This wonderful spice comes from a rare flower that has three threads of saffrons. This flower blooms only once a year which makes it harder to cultivate.


Kobe Beef

Do you think you know meat? The tastiest and beefy of them all is the Kobe beef. One slice will cost you 250 dollars. That’s just for a slice of meat. Kobe beef is when smoked. This pricey kind of beef originated from Japan. What makes Kobe beef so special? The cattle will be fed beer daily, so it would develop a distinct flavour. The tenderness of Kobe beef is due to the fact that it had a series of massage to reach that maximum tenderness. This is the type of meat wait saving for even it means for you to stay at cheap night Amsterdam. Every bite will be juicy and tasty.

Sturgeon Caviar

Many socialites will agree that caviar is the best partner of wine. Among all caviars your money can buy, sturgeon caviar is the most expensive. Normally, caviars are blackish in colour. But sturgeon caviars are pearly white which makes them more appealing. Many chefs love to use caviar to give their dish an extraordinary twist that critics would definitely fall for. Unfortunately, this type of caviar is not easy to find. You can get a boat from boat rental Amsterdam but sturgeons caviars are so rare that it would be so difficult to find them.